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“Look At The Beauty Within”

Image Gate X-D LLC, can quickly, professionally provide a 3D scan your property or business and deliver an engaging 3D walkthrough experience that your clients will love.

Our experienced video specialists will render your space using some of the most photorealistic 3D modeling and editing software available in today’s marketplace. We’ll provide your business a best in class 3D video solution in half the time of other vendors and turn the final videos over to you directly for use as your business sees fit.

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3D walkthrough animation services, to be precise, have revolutionized the way of working to a greater extent. This technology is widely used in real estate industry, industrial walkthrough, art galleries walkthrough & corporate walkthrough animation services. However, its usage in real estate industry has been very beneficial as people can now enjoy a 360-degree view of a property they are likely to buy. A 3D walkthrough animation service can turn a rough concept into a near-realistic approach that can let the people view the look of their property before it is finally constructed.

Residential Real Estate

  • Art — See a painting they like and go to the artist’s web page​ to learn more about their background.
  • Shopping — See an appliance, furniture, or decoration and go to the product’s page​ on a shopping website and buy it​.
  • Related Spaces — Go to another Matterport Space​. For example, an unattached building such as a shed or another house in the same neighborhood.
  • and more!

Travel & Hospitality

  • Upsell — Link directly to the booking page for a suite so a potential customer can book it right away​.
  • History — Show current customers a Matterport Space of a premium suite or premium amenities​. Use a link within a Mattertag Post to give them a chance to upgrade.
  • Nearby Attractions — Direct them to a signup page so they can buy tickets for a tour of local attractions​.
  • and more!

Commercial Real Estate

  • Divide Large Properties — For very large properties that can’t be captured in 200 scans, divide the property into regions and scan independently. Then use links in Mattertag Posts to connect the regions together.
  • Show Different Layouts — Stage the same office in different layouts: empty, cubicles, open seating, and partitioned.
  • Flag Areas for Review — Assist in the annual facility review process​. Let a local photographer scan the space and send it to the corporate residential manager.


  • Connect to E-commerce — Put a link in a Mattertag Post to send them directly to that product page​ on your online store.


  • Create a Visual Punchlist — Highlight areas​ on the job site where changes are necessary. Link to tickets or documents with more information or for extended tracking.
  • Link to Extended Documentation — Place a Mattertag Post on new or complex systems. Then link to extended documentation​ such as plumbing certification or electrical compliance.
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