Construction & Engineering

Keep track of key project milestones and immediately assess project status.

Image Gate X-D LLC offers  3D construction walkthroughs to allow owners, general contractors, and facilities managers to “walk” through their construction site remotely. Utilizing sophisticated reality-capture technology, our 3D walkthroughs is ideal for:

  • QA/QC, Inspection and monitoring
  • Validation of as-built conditions
  • Capturing hard-to-visualize spaces
  • Project marketing

Low cost

One of the key reasons for the extensive use of three dimensional walkthroughs is the low cost involved in the process. The importance of 3D walkthrough lies in the fact, that it is affordable as compared to other services in the real estate industry. The process does not involve extensive support from software programs. Therefore, the costs involved are reasonable and the ROI is quite impressive. The 3D walkthrough prices are low and you can benefit from the technology.

Positive responses from the buyers

The meticulous designs created by the experts enable the customers to get a comprehensive understanding of the details. This generates a positive response from the customers. It enhances your brand image, as 3D walkthrough presentation aspects bring more clarity to the structure, as compared to 2D. This has a positive effect on the sales mechanism of the property.