Real Estate Brokers
At Image Gate X-D we understand the goals of the real estate Broker.  We want to help you reduce the time a property is on the market, increase the value of the property you are selling, and give an additional option of online virtual open houses

Find Your Buyer The Perfect Home In Less Time
Image Gate X-D, helps you to reduce the time a property is on the market by increasing the likelihood that you are able to find that perfect home for your buyers. This allows you to “show” many more properties to buyers in a shorter amount of time and with less stress on the seller.

Win More Listings!
You will win more listings because you will be able to offer the latest cutting edge technology to potential clients. Who wouldn’t want the best marketing tool on the market? Your portfolio of homes will be at your fingertips and readily available to everyone through social media and MLS/BLC embedded links.

Create Emotional Ties And Develope Relationships
The ability of buyers to tour the homes you offer in the privacy of their home and in virtual reality will allow those clients to build the emotional ties to the property that are needed to persuade a buyer to purchase a new home. Here at Image Gate X-D, our goal is to help ease the matchmaking process for home buyers and sellers. You can help your buyers by increasing the chances they will find the home of their dreams, and you can help your sellers by reducing the amount of visits to the home while increasing the marketability of their home.

Create A Strong Visual Portfolio Of Homes
Image Gate X-D, will help you to develop a strong visual portfolio of homes, which will lead to winning more listings, and decreasing the home’s time on the market. You can offer potential buyers, a more immersive experience than the current mainstream technology.

Tear Down Geographic Barriers And Increase Your Market Size
Image Gate X-D is also tearing down geographic barriers by allowing consumers to tour homes from anywhere in the world. People moving to the area will be able to make a more informed decision about purchasing a home if they are able to view the home using a Image Gate X-D,  3D scan.

Meet The Needs And Wants Of Both Your Buyers And Sellers
Your sellers will come away happier if their home sells quicker and closer to the asking price. Your buyers  will come away happier because they have a better potential of finding the home that meets their needs and wants.

  • Divide Large Properties — For very large properties that can’t be captured in 200 scans, divide the property into regions and scan independently. Then use links in Mattertag Posts to connect the regions together.
  • Show Different Layouts — Stage the same office in different layouts: empty, cubicles, open seating, and partitioned.
  • Flag Areas for Review — Assist in the annual facility review process​. Let a local photographer scan the space and send it to the corporate residential manager.
  • Connect to E-commerce — Put a link in a Mattertag Post to send them directly to that product page​ on your online store.
  • Upsell — Link directly to the booking page for a suite so a potential customer can book it right away​.
  • History — Show current customers a Matterport Space of a premium suite or premium amenities​. Use a link within a Mattertag Post to give them a chance to upgrade.
  • Nearby Attractions — Direct them to a signup page so they can buy tickets for a tour of local attractions​.
  • and more!
More information coming soon!
  • Create a Visual Punchlist — Highlight areas​ on the job site where changes are necessary. Link to tickets or documents with more information or for extended tracking.
  • Link to Extended Documentation — Place a Mattertag Post on new or complex systems. Then link to extended documentation​ such as plumbing certification or electrical compliance.
More information coming soon!

Meet The Owners - Lynn S. Fischer & William Koehnlein


Lynn S. Fischer

Lynn has had extensive experience as an owner/general contractor of a commercial construction company for over 15 years; commercial developer, background in land acquisition, zoning, property conception, design and blueprints estimating, drywall, metal stud framing, insulation, acoustical ceilings, wall systems, exterior fascia boards, zoning and project development, real estate out lot sales, commercial business retail leasing, residential development sales, investor portfolio sales and business management. Her design major at Purdue has assisted her well throughout her career. She has been a commercial and residential broker for over 30 years specializing in residential and commercial zoning, listing, leasing, sales, building consulting, investment buying and portfolio ownership, 1031 exchanges, religious and special use properties, land sales and negotiating bank short sales. All of her education and experience as a real estate broker has created a business that is almost 100% referral; however, the love of the business makes it exciting with every new client. Lynn believes that constantly growing and increasing your knowledge is the key to understanding your present clients, as well as assisting future clients and the ever-changing real estate industry. Lynn is among only a handful of Principal Brokers with this substantial experience in all types of real estate. She also has served on the boards Fishers Sertoma Group and is an active member the Indiana Real Estate Exchangers (IREX)Group and Fishers Rotary.

William Koehnlein

Image Gate X-D’s primary photographer, Bill Koehnlein, has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University Of Maryland. Bill is the owner and inspector of BK Inspections, LLC, one of Central Indiana’s leading and widely recognized inspections companies. Currently he is the President of the Central Indiana Inspectors Group (CIIG) which provides monthly training for inspectors. Bill is teaching several CIIG classes a year, teaches at the Indiana Chapter of ASHI and attends multiple classes yearly for additional national education.

Bill has almost two decades of home inspector experience and has completed over 9,000 full home and new construction inspections. He also has completed well over 100 commercial inspections.

Prior to the inspection industry Bill was a plant and project engineer for 14 years. Through the inspection experience, Bill has been photographing all types of structures and their peculiarities for his reports and recently added in 2019 video recording for a full and more comprehensive record of his inspections.

In starting Image Gate X-D, LLC, Bill is now able to take his photographic experience with the industry's leading technology to the next level. The advanced technology with the Matterport 3D immersive media their 360 degree system, and still photography quality, completes the photographic experience for the viewer over the internet or in presentations.

Breakfast Room - Hampton Inn - Downtown Indianapolis

Hampton Inn - Breakfast Room